Typing Practice

The following exercises serve two main objectives:

  1. The obvious one is to help you learn to type in Arabic on any keyboard without needing any keyboard stickers,
  2. The less obvious but more important one is to learn the alphabet and practice reading and writing in Arabic.
    You'll see...

Keyboard Preparation:

Before you start, you should know that the letters layout (the way letters are positioned on the keyboard) differs significantly between Mac and PC, so you wanna pick one and try to stick to it (I like the Mac layout more).

You should start by enabling the Arabic keyboard on your computer. Here's a couple of articles if you needed help [Mac | PC].
Once you have that set, you can start practicing below.

Exercise Instructions:

  1. Scroll the picture right or left to switch the layout between PC and Mac.
  2. Identify the highlighted letters and their places on your keyboard.
  3. Try to type the words in the table below with the help of the picture.
  4. Every word you type correctly turns green, while words with mistakes in them remain white until you correct them.

Typing Exercise 1